to the man that helped to heal my heart

you’ve been in my life for such a short time, but it feels like so much longer. you make me feel like everything is okay when im with you. that’s something i didn’t think i would ever feel with another person again. i don’t think you have a clue just how amazing you are. you came into my life during a time when my heart was healing, when i still didnt think it was possible to feel anything for anyone else for a long, long time. you have been just as broken as i have, maybe even more so, but you care about everyone around you so much. you care about me. you make me laugh, you make me smile, you’re thoughtful, and sweet. i am so thankful that i met you. i dont know what the future holds for me or you or us, but you helped me heal my heart the rest of the way. you showed me that its possible to open myself up to someone else again, that it’s possible to trust someone again. so, i want to thank you for helping me heal, for caring about me, and most of all for being you.


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