another day, another stay at a psych hospital

so i finally moved out. on tuesday june 12th i moved out of my beautiful home that we built together. it broke my heart all over again. i'm temporarily staying with family until i can find a new place to live and until then i'll be hopping around between my immediate family members homes. after … Continue reading another day, another stay at a psych hospital



so i study grief. literally my masters degree is counseling with a focus on bereavement (grief) i am excellent in a crisis. i am incredible at comforting others that are grieving. except when it's myself. in case you don't know, the five stages of grief, as defined by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, are denial anger bargaining depression … Continue reading waves

tape and glue

If you follow my blog you know that in the last few weeks my entire life changed in what seemed to me like overnight. I wrote about how heartbroken and devastated I was, and I think in that time my depression hit an all time low. For nearly two weeks, I didn't eat or sleep, … Continue reading tape and glue