so i know that my last few posts have been really mushy and i typically hate being all gushy. that being said, with everything that's gone on in the last several months, i can't help myself. i have never loved another human as much as i love andrew. there are so many aspects of my … Continue reading loved


a year ago

a year ago i never would have thought that i would be where i am today. a year ago i believed that i was happy, that i had a great life, i thought that i was in love. i assumed that because i had been in my relationship for nearly a decade that it was … Continue reading a year ago

finding love in a hopeless place

i hate that i had to quote Rihanna for this, but it couldn’t be more accurate. the last four months have been rough. ups and downs and highs and lows and a lot of hindsight realizations. it feels like nothing was what it seemed. maybe i had blinders on, maybe i was in denial, or … Continue reading finding love in a hopeless place