a good long while.

i was just thinking that it has been quite a long time since i've written. i have so much i would like to write about these days, so here to this week, where i'll be (hopefully) getting back to writing at least once a week.


time doesn’t heal

I had a bit of a rough day a few days ago. I briefly visited the TU campus, and it was the first time I've really been on the actual campus since the candlelight vigil the school had for T. I honestly didn't even think twice about it at first. But as we drove through … Continue reading time doesn’t heal

another day, another stay at a psych hospital

so i finally moved out. on tuesday june 12th i moved out of my beautiful home that we built together. it broke my heart all over again. i'm temporarily staying with family until i can find a new place to live and until then i'll be hopping around between my immediate family members homes. after … Continue reading another day, another stay at a psych hospital


so i study grief. literally my masters degree is counseling with a focus on bereavement (grief) i am excellent in a crisis. i am incredible at comforting others that are grieving. except when it's myself. in case you don't know, the five stages of grief, as defined by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, are denial anger bargaining depression … Continue reading waves

heartbreak and a thousand candles

Facebook is great. I love using it to connect, to express myself, and to see what everyone is up to. But every year around this time, i get these "on this day" memories on facebook. Usually it's a pretty neat feature, except for this one week. Most of the time it sucks and reopens wounds, … Continue reading heartbreak and a thousand candles

a good day

easter hasn't been the best holiday the last few years, especially considering it was just days following Tims death, and he spent many easters with my family. Honestly though, even before that it was never really a holiday i was that into. I was raised roman catholic. Like really forced into it, which I guess … Continue reading a good day